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Concierge service in Chicago

Concierge service in Chicago is a professional integrated service providing assistance and action plans for any situation. Our objective is to meet all our customers’ needswithout restrictions and in the shortest possible time. Our knowledgeable and understanding concierges will look into any matter, even an unusual one. Concierge service in Chicago includes the following services: • hotel booking, meeting at the airport; • transfers, taxis;cars, helicopters, boats rental; • assistance in travel and excursionsplanning (we develop thetrip route); • order and delivery of air, railway, bus tickets; • delivery of flowers and gifts; • planning of events, surprises, business events, presentations, seminars, receptions; • order and delivery of tickets for any event - theater, movies, concert, sports, in any venue; private concerts; • personal errands of any kind; • table reservation at any restaurant, nightclub; • business services - printing, copying, scanning, secretary services; • photographer services; • translation and interpretation services; • any operations with bank accounts, credit card issue of any international payment system; • finding the right product and its delivery; • "bargaining" services - in case of our client busyness, a professional concierge will replace you and will participate in auction without your presence; • horse riding, yachting, playing tennis, golf, billiards and more; • assistance in finding any information you are interested in - about specialists in art and antiques, designers, coaches and so on; • order and purchase of a new car, saving time for the service center, a personal assistant will monitor the process for you. The list of services is not limited to everything mentioned above. We solve problems of any complexity.