Our company offers a shopping tour in Chicago, the northern US city situated on the shores of the great Michigan Lake. It is not a secret that the USA is a country of shopping and Chicago is the best place for it. Many tourists from Russia and the former USSR countries have long understood that it is much cheaper to purchase shoes, clothes, electronics, and even exclusive goods, in the US.

Why is that?

First and foremost, the difference in price is colossal (a pair of pants of the same brand in Russia is about ten times more expensive). 

  • The quality of clothing in Chicago is much higher than in Russia; 
  • A large selection of exceptional, exclusive items at an affordable price; 
  • In Chicago stores there is always a flexible system of discounts and promotions, which allows you to make purchases cheaper than you expected;

You can try on every piece of garment and evaluate not only the quality but also if it suits/fits you, which cannot be compared to the online clothing stores.

We believe you are convinced by now that you should buy a shopping tour in Chicago. A personal shopping consultant will be really useful for you so that you don’t get lost in the shops and boutiques variety. Entrust your shopping to a personal consultant, and he will not only help to plan the route, but also make it as interesting and exciting as possible: you will see the attractions and buy the things you need. A personal shopping consultant is always in touch with you, he/she will give qualified advice and will provide the highest level of service. Our consultants are ready to work off-schedule, both late at night, and on weekends and holidays. 
In order to find the right thing, you do not need to search everywhere, it's enough to visit Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile more specifically. There are not only numerous branded shops and boutiques here, but several malls which get all clothing, shoes, and accessories directly from the factories. Here, everything is 50% cheaper than in the branded stores.

Our company offers you a choice of several options for a shopping tour of Chicago with 500 stores on the list. 

We offer a shopping tour in Chicago outlets. Outlets are shopping centers specialized in selling famous brands' clothes at significant discounts. Outlets are of two types: those that sell past season goods long-kept in manufacturers' factories and those that sell items which were not sold by branded shops and boutiques. The top three outlets in Illinois are conveniently located in the suburbs near Chicago and one more is near the UNITED CENTER stadium. Call now and ask our managers for all the details. We value your trust.